A showcase of DOGLA-TRIO 1010 as a long-lasting protection against vandalism and robbery


The Garrison Church in Potsdam by architect Philipp Gerlach (1679-1748) was one of the outstanding buildings of the North German Baroque. Destroyed in the 2nd World War and demolished in the GDR, the church is now going to be rebuilt. As one of the first parts of the church, the golden weather vane, consisting of a gold-plated crown, an eagle, and a crowned monogram of Friedrich Wilhelm I., was faithfully reconstructed. After six month of construction, the golden weather vane could be presented for the first time.

To advertise the reconstruction project, the golden weather vane is located close to the construction area of the church in public street space. After the reconstruction of the church, the weather vane will be set onto the 88 m tall church spire. For the temporary presentation of the weather vane, the architectural firm “Müller-Stüler und Höll” from Berlin was commissioned to develop a showcase that ensures an effective presentation of the art object, as well as a long-lasting protection against vandalism and robbery.

To encase the 8 m high weather vane, the architects constructed a showcase made of W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh and galvanized steel beams. The stainless steel mesh DOGLA-TRIO 1010, with its open area of 72%, provides a good view and protects the blacksmith art effectively against vandalism.

According to Müller-Stüler und Holl Architekten – the alleged obstruction of the insight caused by the architectural mesh should arouse the curiosity of the viewer and is conscious part of the design. W.S. Tyler supplied ready-to-install mesh elements, including the corresponding mounting solutions.