W.S Tyler Architectural Solutions offer architects and planners a multitude of design options for exterior façades, combining sophisticated aesthetic features with countless practical functions.

The deployment of different types of mesh enhances the appearance of a building and imbues it with immense individual character. Depending on certain variables, such as lighting conditions and viewing angle, the material can appear transparent or opaque. On a clear afternoon, the surface of the mesh reflects sunshine, producing a shimmering metallic effect. Under cloud coverage, the façade creates the impression of a building with a second skin. Regardless of conditions, the mesh lends undeniable elegance to a structure.

W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh also serves a variety of safety functions, including immediate protection from environmental elements such as sun, wind, rain, and sound. Manufactured with molybdenum, our high-strength meshes increase corrosion resistance and require minimal maintenance. Tried and tested, our fastening systems enable customizable mounting solutions, optimizing safety for even the tallest buildings and strongest winds.