Architectural mesh is perfect for the structural alteration or modernization of existing buildings. As a modern design element, it fuses the old and new together.

Your benefits at a glance

Upgrading Existing Façade

Façade claddings with architectural mesh give existing buildings a more elegant, modern appearance.

Uniform Appearance

While expanding or renovating an older building can often seem anachronistic or out-of-place, architectural mesh bridges generations with a uniform baseline that harmonizes classic and modern elements.

Cladding and Protection

An older structure can be better protected with mesh cladding while still preserving its original, defining characteristics. The desired degree of transparency is considered when choosing the mesh.

Free Forms Projects

Energy City

Located between the commercial and residential areas of the Dafna coastal region and Lusail development district of Qatar, Energy City is the region's first business center that focuses on the hydrocarbon industry. Architectural mesh not only provides the durability needed to ensure visitor safety, but [...]

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