W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh transforms the façade of a building, creating character and uniqueness for any structure.

Your benefits at a glance

Individual Façade Designs

With a variety of wire mesh, paint, customized attachment solutions, and the option of a transparent IMAGIC WEAVE® media façade, W.S. Tyler offers its partners infinite freedom, empowering you to reach your project’s potential.

Natural Ventilation

The transparency of architectural mesh allows natural ventilation. Project-specific ventilation requirements can be achieved by customizing the open area of the chosen metal mesh. 

Sun Protection

Wire mesh serves as an effective canopy, filtering sunlight and significantly reducing heat within the building while maintaining unique views from the inside.

Fall Protection

W.S. Tyler can install additional layers of fall protection with infill panels on balconies and staircases.

Large-Scale Surfaces

Architectural mesh can be tensioned over the full height of your structure, dramatically reducing costs compared to other materials, such as perforated plate or expanded metal.

Long Lifecycle

Architectural mesh stands the test of time. Designed and manufactured with durability in mind, our mesh uses corrosion-resistant stainless steel and robust attachment solutions, ensuring an extended, maintenance-free lifecycle.

Façade Projects

Garrahy Courthouse

Undulating panels that come in and out from the building at different points to create movement.

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