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  • Westin Hotel Cleveland

    As part of an effort to provide the city with a premier lodging destination, Westin Cleveland Downtown went to great lengths to achieve its sophistication. The illuminated, eye-catching façade adorning Cleveland’s newest four-star accommodations is the result of a fusion of multicolored lights and archi [...]

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  • Shands Children’s Hospital

    The colorful, attention-grabbing façade for the University of Florida (UF) Health Shands Children’s Hospital is courtesy of a new painted, architectural mesh introduced by W.S. Tyler.

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  • Liberty Mutual Insurance

    Liberty Mutual Insurance, which offers its clients a wide range of insurance products and services, employs more than 50,000 people in approximately 900 offices throughout the world. The latest Liberty Mutual Insurance campus was built in Plano, a suburb of Dallas, Texas.

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  • Los Angeles Police Department

    "A series of undulating metal mesh screens are intended to veil the building, while simultaneously providing security and allowing the structure to breathe." - John Friedman, Alice Kimm Architects

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  • Why W.S. Tyler Doesn’t Handle Substructure Hardware/Installation

    So, you've picked an architectural mesh weave pattern that captures your vision, submitted your drawings, and are now ready to plan out the logistics of installing your mesh panels. One of the most pivotal aspects of properly installed architectural mesh is the substructure that binds the mesh to the st [...]

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  • Understanding Architectural Mesh: Wire Drawing

    If you have ever come across architectural wire mesh, then you know architects can apply its unique characteristics to deliver an atmosphere that is industrious yet modern. Of the many beneficial qualities it offers, architectural mesh's ability to be customized makes it such an attractive design materi [...]

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  • How Does the Environment Affect the Way I Implement Architerual Mesh?

    In the world of architectural design, you will find that the structures you design are influenced by the surrounding landscape and climate. More specifically, you will find that the environmental elements control what design materials you can and cannot use. Architectural wire mesh is a design material [...]

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  • Customizing Architectural Mesh: Bending Your Mesh Panels

    In the world of architectural design, architectural wire mesh is a standout design material as it can be customized to ensure your vision can become a reality. When implemented correctly, it can deliver one-of-a-kind aesthetics that will stand the test of time. As you know, to achieve eye-catching desig [...]

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  • Understanding Architectural Wire Mesh: Project Drawings

    The main objective of an architect is to create something stunning. This means that you must hand-pick design materials, such as architectural mesh, that will allow you to see your vision become a reality. Now, when working with architectural mesh, the design process is relatively similar to other mater [...]

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  • Understanding Architectural Wire Mesh: Will It Rust?

    Architectural wire mesh is a unique design material that offers a balance of aesthetics and durability, unlike any other material. Its metallic construction allows architects to deliver a lustrous shine that makes their designs stand out. But because it's a metallic design material that is often used f [...]

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  • Why Use Architectural Wire Mesh: Understanding the Benefits

    Architectural design is an art of balancing form and function. You want to design a structure that looks nice but will stand the test of time. This can make it difficult for architects to pinpoint design materials to complement the foundation of their designs. Now, architectural wire mesh is growing in [...]

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  • Fabricating Architectural Mesh: Ultrasonic Cleaning

    In the world of architectural design, architectural wire mesh is known for its one-of-a-kind metallic aesthetic. So much so that its reflective shine is often used to create dynamic designs that stand out. The fabrication process used to produce architectural mesh can sometimes generate dulling debris. [...]

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  • Requoting Architectural Wire Mesh: What To Expect

    One of the most prominent obstacles architects face during the architectural design process is selecting a design material that accurately portrays their vision. As it can be customized to fit interior or exterior applications, many turn to the unique qualities of architectural wire mesh. Now, it is not [...]

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  • Requesting an Architectural Wire Mesh Quote: What To Expect

    Architectural wire mesh is a design material that delivers a perfect balance of durability and lustrous aesthetics. Whether applying these decorative mesh panels to a brand new structure or bringing an existing landmark back to life, architects can customize architectural mesh to weave your vision into [...]

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