Differentiating façades with MULTI-BARRETTE 8124 and 8301

To achieve the goal of an atypical car park, the architect decided to use W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh at the Southlake Regional Health Center in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.


In order to make the parked cars less visible from the main roads, the dense MULTI-BARRETTE 8124 was chosen for the west and north façades.

The east façade, which is interrupted by a pedestrian bridge in the center, is covered with the more open MULTI-BARRETTE 8301.

The mesh elements have a maximum of length of 18 meters. They are suspended from the top using using triangular brackets. Using wire connectors, the elements are secured to round tubes, which are located behind the mesh. The intermediate mounting levels are located on each floor of the car park. Each element is precisely pretensioned at the bottom brackets with the use of eyebolts.

Besides the ready-to-install panels, W.S. Tyler supplied all brackets and the intermediate round tubes for the substructure and assisted the local contractors during the installation of the mesh elements.


Additional elements are used at the pedestrian bridge.

To also get an optical connection between the pedestrian bridge and the car park, wire mesh elements made from MULTI-BARRETTE 8301 form the edge of the bridge ceiling.

In this area, connections to the substructure are only possibly at both sides of each element. For proper support, round tubes with a diameter of 60 mm are integrated in each element. To receive these tubes at the top, W.S. Tyler supplied specially designed brackets. Using tensioning bolts, which are integrated in the round tubes, each element once again can be precisely tensioned at the bottom brackets.

More than 70 single elements have been installed at this bridge. The standard dimension is approximately 2000 x 900 mm.