With one flat side weave type EGLA-MONO appears as a uniform metal veil on large surfaces. Available with either square or rectangular apertures it can be used for many interior and exterior applications such as partitions, walls, ceiling design and exterior façades.

  • The heaviest, most robust version of EGLA-MONO
  • High percentage of open area, providing high transparency
  • Suited for facades and infill panels



~ 8.7 kg/m2
(1.78 lbs/sqft)

Open area

~ 66%

The EGLA-MONO family

Projects utilizing the EGLA-MONO 4741

Al Sendian Tower

As with most parking garage structures, the parking garage of the Al Sendian Tower needs to maintain a controlled amount of airflow. To ensure an adequate amount of natural ventilation, W.S. Tyler’s EGLO-MONO 4791 was applied as an exterior facade that covers the four-story parking garage of the Al Sen [...]

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