W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh offers a timeless blend of elegance, stability and versatility, making it an ideal material for the inspired design of interior and exterior spaces. 

Your benefits at a glance:

Staircase Design

Wire mesh allows you to create beautiful, eye-catching staircases without sacrificing function or safety.

Wind and Privacy Screen

Architectural mesh serves as an effective wind and privacy screen. Changes in viewing angles or different lighting schemes create ever-evolving visual effects for designers and observers.


The elegance of architectural wire mesh is perfect for presenting your company and products.


The transparent, robust characteristics of architectural mesh are ideal for stunning aviaries. Depending on project specifications, the mounting system can be adjusted and paint can be changed to enhance visual effects.

Various Design Objects

The versatile properties of wire mesh provides architects and designers with a near-limitless range of applications. The material can be manipulated into a unique sculpture or molded into everyday items.

Free Forms Projects

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Located in the center of Msheireb in Downtown Doha, Qatar, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a luxury hotel that features a Spa area where visitors can relax. To create a sense of privacy, the spa area is equipped with room-high privacy screens that are constructed out of stainless steel architectural mesh.

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