A statement with an IMAGIC WEAVE® media façade

The most advanced multi-purpose stadium Stade Pierre Mauroy, earlier referred to as Grand Stade Lille Métropole, is clad with IMAGIC WEAVE® transparent media façade by W.S. Tyler. There are three different areas of varying resolution, each providing the optimum requirement for playing the media.


Located on the Boulevard de Tournai in Lille, France, a magnificent stadium was completed in summer 2012. The unique design is by architects Valode & Pistre and Pierre Ferret, who are renowned for their expertise and the quality of their projects.


Wire Mesh Façade

For this extraordinary stadium, the architect wanted the external view to be as exciting and distinctive as the inside. The elliptical main façade of the Stade Pierre Mauroy is covered with 2046 m² of architectural wire mesh manufactured by W.S. Tyler.

The chosen weave type DOGLA-TRIO 1030 is not only functional, but also aesthetically attractive. The semi-transparent surface of the stainless-steel wire mesh creates an elegant, gleaming appearance in the sunshine.

The woven wire mesh is virtually maintenance-free, easy to clean, non-flammable, and also offers sun protection. At the same time, due to the open area of the wire mesh, the required ventilation to the stairwells and VIP-area is maintained.


IMAGIC WEAVE® Transparent Media Façade

The main façade especially reflects the urban nature of the new stadium. IMAGIC WEAVE® can easily transform into a multimedia attraction, enhancing events taking place at the stadium.

The concept of the architectural team of Valode & Pistre and Pierre Ferret was to create a façade that in one moment fascinates with its elegance and clarity, and in the next brings the stadium to life through atmospheric light and colour. To realize this concept, they set extremely high demands on the flexibility of the media façade system. The IMAGIC WEAVE® transparent media façade by W.S. Tyler met all these demands.

LED mesh IMAGIC WEAVE® enables the creation of individually programmable lighting effects in up to 16 million colours, from simple graphics to live video coverage of sporting and cultural events. By attaching slim LED-profiles to the reverse side of the wire mesh a homogenous and transparent look of the façade is maintained at all times.

With a height of 20m and a length of 120m, the media façade has 70,000 pixels covering the entire surface of the external envelope. Within the whole façade there are three different resolution areas: a rectangular, high-resolution screen for promotional videos; an elongated medium resolution “ticker” style screen, and a large background screen with a low resolution, which can be used for graphics or creating various lighting moods.

The 20 m high mesh panels are tensioned using tension profiles, clevis screws, and pressure springs. The border elements of the elliptical surface were custom-fitted using welded flat steel, special eyebolts and pressure springs

In total, 4.3 km of powerful LED profiles were installed by abseilers to 2046 m² of architectural wire mesh. The installation of the LED and architectural wire mesh components, as well as the pre-installed power and control racks for the media façade, was carried out under the guidance of the W.S. Tyler technical team.


Easy Operation

In a nearby control room, the complex video control system is realized with an ecue lighting control server fx and 25 ecue Video Micro Converter. Using wireless technology, it can simply and playfully be controlled using a Smartphone or tablet. All three areas of the media façade can be controlled separately using video content or can be used as single units for external representation.

IMAGIC WEAVE® transparent media façade converts the stadium area in front of the ticket counters into a multimedia attraction for fans, visitors and passers by.