Canopies and façade cladding with EGLA-TWIN 4243



Phase I

The new building for this service center has been upgraded with a wire mesh façade made by W.S. Tyler.

The standard width for one element is 1.80 m. Each wire cloth element was equipped with clevis screws and pressure springs for easy installation. The intermediate mountings consist of wire connectors and hollow tubes, a system which has been developed by W.S. Tyler.

W.S. Tyler supplied ready-to-install panels and conducted the full installation.


Phase II

After completion of the main façade, the open atrium of the MST.factory service center was equipped with a wire mesh wall using EGLA-TWIN 4243. It protects the offices inside the atrium from the sun.

While the mesh panels absorb most of the direct sunlight, it still offers sufficient sightlines from the inside and maintains a high degree of natural lighting.