An outdoor statement with LARGO-PLENUS 2027

Located in California, Bakersfield College was founded in 1913 and is one of the nation’s oldest continually operating community colleges. The college serves over 20,000 students on the 153-acre main campus in northeast Bakersfield.



The Mandate

The college wanted to modernize their 30,290 square foot auditorium under a community bond program. They chose the IBI Group, Architecture Planning, to completely redesign the facility into a Performing Arts Center that would include a new entry, reception, classrooms, and the remodeling of the 450 theatre seats.


The Challenge

The outdoor amphitheater features a covered stage which requires surrounding shade structures for flawless visual screening. The IBI Group needed to find a shading material that was durable, while still allowing for maximum airflow and sun protection during performances in the amphitheater.


The Solution

After multiple design concepts, and with the help of W.S. Tyler architectural experts, it was clear that LARGO-PLENUS 2027 was the best solution for the amphitheater. These W.S. Tyler wire mesh panels would achieve the desired visual screening, offer efficient air circulation, and provide effective solar protection during performances. Not only are the structures visually appealing, they are also made from stainless steel, which lasts for decades with just a simple cleaning process.

The W.S. Tyler team engineered a custom solution, including non-standard stainless-steel hardware, which allowed them to roll the panels through 3 – 4 redirections. A fully engineered mounting system was used with W.S. Tyler’s Flat Tension Profile, Clevis Assembly, and Pressure Springs for attaining proper installation tension.


The Result

The project was a complete success. It received the California, CCFC 2015 Award of Honor (Community College Facility Coalition). The College personnel, The IBI Group Architects and the W.S. Tyler Architectural Team are incredibly proud of the collaboration.