W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh DETENTION to improve acoustics

The new university campus in Vienna is currently the largest new university building in Europe. Based on the master plan by the Viennese architect BUSarchitektur, six buildings, planned by six different international architects, are located on 100,000 m².


The core of the new campus is the LLC – Library & Learning Center, designed by the architect Zaha Hadid. The building complex includes the main library, the ballroom, the Study Service Center, a café, and the Center for Studies Abroad.

Inside the building, 390 m² of W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh DETENTION 7016 are used as wall cladding. The white painted mesh elements at the atrium of the building are fixed to frames.

Due to the structure made of round wires, which scatter sounds in different directions, wire mesh is good for optimizing acoustics. Together with the absorber material, the wall covered with W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh significantly improves the room acoustics.

Zaha Hadid