Staircase cladding with W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh DOGLA-TRIO 1030

Designed by Schwieger Architekten, the four-star hotel Hotel FREIgeist is located close to the PS.Speicher, the motorcycle and autocar museum in Lower Saxony Einbeck.


Opened November 2015, the hotel offers a young, innovative concept with 63 double bedrooms, 7 meeting rooms, and a 350 m² fitness area. The character of the nearby PS.Speicher is reflected at the FREIgeist Hotel Einbeck. Inside and outside the building, walls of fair-faced concrete and red brick, large glass surfaces, steel and oiled oak floors create the right atmosphere. An open stairway in the center of the hotel connects all four floors with each other and provides a sense of space, which is free for inspiration from all directions.

Architectural mesh from W.S. Tyler clads the external stair tower of the hotel. The chosen W.S. Tyler mesh, DOGLA-TRIO 1030, is a robust, stainless-steel wire mesh, which gets its structure from clusters of vertical wires. In spite of the open area of 75 %, the wire mesh offers a good stability and acts as an effective fall protection. W.S. Tyler supplied a total of 190 m² in nine wire mesh elements for the stair tower of the hotel FREIgeist.