Wire Rope Mesh vs Architectural Wire Mesh: Picking the Right Material

If you are still in the preliminary phases of the architectural design process, then odds are you are still weighing your options regarding what design material to use. This can be a daunting task as the materials you select will determine not only the overall aesthetic of the project but how it will stand the test of time.

How Architectural Wire Mesh Is Used for Bridge Design

As an architect, you spend considerable time hand-picking design materials you feel will best portray your vision. This can be daunting because, as time goes on, more and more options saturate the market.

Understanding Architectural Mesh: Wire Drawing

If you have ever come across architectural wire mesh, then you know architects can apply its unique characteristics to deliver an atmosphere that is industrious yet modern. Of the many beneficial qualities it offers, architectural mesh’s ability to be customized makes it such an attractive design material.